Stefan Brenner Photography

Defying the Sea

Blue Icecube standing the rough Sea at Jökulsárlón. Come and join me for an unforgettable Iceland Photo Tour

Expect the Unexpected

Always expect the unexpected in Iceland. Although the forecast was not good the Aurora Borealis gave us an unbelievable beautiful show 2 nights ago. Come and join me for an unforgettable Iceland Photo Tour


Waves in the Sand

Wonderful mountain formation at Vestrahorn in East-Iceland. This image is one of the winning images of the Glanzlichter Photo Competition 2015. Come and join me for an unforgettable Iceland Photo Tour

Holuhraun Eruption

Have you ever felt the real power of nature so close? It is hard to describe the feeling you have when you see something like this with your own eyes. Some months ago when I was planning my stay on Iceland I dreamed of seeing a volcanic eruption during that time. Now my dream became real and it's hard to believe. Is it fate or just luck? Anyway, I will never forget this breathtaking experience. ______

Ending Day at Hvalnesfjall

After a wonderful day shooting a lot of beautiful Icelandic landscapes I enjoyed the Ending of the Day at Hvalnesfjall in South-East Iceland. Come and join me for an unforgettable Iceland Photo Tour

Colors of Autumn

The last few days winter arrived in Iceland and finally the name of this wonderful country meets it’s expectations. However, only a few weeks ago the whole country was dipped into beautiful autumn colors. This image was shot at Hraunfossar, which means Lava Waterfalls because the water streams out of the lava field behind it and falls into the Hvítá river beneath. Come and join me for an unforgettable Iceland Photo Tour

Natural Light Painting

Currently I'm stuck in Klaustur. The breaks of my car decided to strike and so I have to stay in this little village in south Iceland (also know as Kirkjubæjarklaustur) for at least two days. With 120 inhabitants it is nevertheless the biggest village between Vík and Höfn and has a car repair service. This gives me some time to look through my pictures from the last days, including this shot from Jökulsarlón with Northern Lights and the reddish glow from the Holuhraun eruption on the other side of the Vatnajökull glacier. A very special and unique moment to me. We all know the amazing light painting techniques. But this is natural light painting at its best. What do you think? ______

Sunrise at Landmannalaugar

On my way to the top of the mountain the sun broke through the clouds for about three or four minutes and bathed the land and the mountains around me in magical light. Read the full story at ______

Glacial River

Glacial rivers in Iceland create very different patterns on their way from the glaciers to the sea.

Rising Sun over Reynisdrangar

I'm very busy traveling around in the whole country shooting fantastic places. This one is located in south Iceland near Vík í Mýrdal. After a cold night sleeping in the car I had a great morning with a beautiful sunrise. Come and join me for an unforgettable Iceland Photo Tour

Bloody Sunrise in Reykjavík

Todays sunrise in Reykjavík was really special. Pollution from the eruption in Holuhraun turned the sun blood red and gave some unique colors to the sunrise. ______

Crumbling Bridge

Would you feel safe if you have to drive over a bridge like this? Well, I didn't. But I had to pass that crumbling and rotting bridge somewhere in North Iceland. After some more of them on my further way through Iceland I got used to them and enjoyed crossing them more and more. Now I miss them ...

Killer Sheep

There are two types of sheep in Iceland: Mountain Sheep and Killer Sheep. Mountain Sheep spend their whole time during summer far up in the mountains. It's unbelievable which places they can reach. Killer Sheep on the other hand prefer to browse the endless green spaces of Iceland. But every now and then a road crosses their way. And that seems to be some kind of magnet for the Killer Sheep. As if they need an adrenaline rush they lie next to the road or even on the road and also feed their offspring there. I hope you can imagine how the rest of the story goes ;-)

Eurasian Curlew

Dangerous Passion

Sometimes photography can be a very dangerous passion. ______ Read more at

Reflecting the Beauty of Iceland

No words can describe the feelings I had while I enjoyed this sunset and the reflection of the beauty of the Icelandic highlands in the small lake I had to cross with my car. What are your feelings when you watch this scene?


The Art of Nature

Nature is in my opinion the best artist in the world. It's diversity is marvelous. I captured this image from about 500m above ground with my DJI Phantom 3 in Iceland. The wind was very strong that day but I gave it a try because I really wanted to see this river structures from above. It was hard to fly but my drone worked perfectly and the results are unbelievable. What you see in this image is basically beautiful colored sand and milky water from the glacier formed by the wind to this unique structures. Just to give you an idea how large this structures are, the area you see in this image is around 900x675m. Happy weekend!!! See my Photo Tours and Workshops